Le Nozze di Othello

30 minutes of music, Venice and fun - a comic opera on gondolas!

You are invited to witness Venice's charms along with star crossed lovers, Othello & Desdemona remembering their sweet days. 
Starring Alyona Knyazeva as Desdemona. 
Music by Sergey Nikitin. Art by Daria Serebryakova.

World premiere 1 & 2 March, 2019,

Meeting at 16-45 at Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice.

Departure at 17-00
Tickets include a ride in gondola.

Produced by Teatro Instabile de Venezia, Kuzminki Underground & Tin Rapp under direction of Ronni Wocnerg, 2018-2019.

@2012-2019 by Sergey Nikitin

& Teatro Instabile de Venexia with MosKultProg

for cycling adventures visit www.velonotte.com

Photography - Alan Vouba